PV Solar Tracking Power Station’s Installation Develop Rapidly in China

Recently, H-fang got a good start on production in 2017. According to company’s preliminary statistics, domestic and overseas orders from solar tracking power station have been more than 1GW, domestic orders have been more than 200MW, year-on year growth realized qualitative leap. These are benefiting by Chinese total installation developing rapidly for years running, tracking PV stations are recognized by owners gradually, realized qualitative leap.

From the start developing of PV tracking power station in 2010, H-fang had paid closed attention to the Chinese market, who have taken over 90% of solar tracking power station market by its excellent products and careful service. H-fang’s growing order quantities turned into the barometer of Chinese tacking power station. Nowadays, H-fang’s slewing drives have spread all over Chinese tracking power station, from desert of northwest to mudflat of east, when there are tracking power station, H-fang’s products can be found there.


Such phenomenon is extremely unusual in any other industry in China! Meanwhile, it shows that Chinese PV terminal market’s development have self- peculiarity, considering the investment cost, owners’ attitude to the tracking installation has changed radically, from the looking on in the past, to the large-scale applying nowadays, they take more attention to the electricity earnings and stability and reliability of the tracking core parts.

Carter Wu, H-fang’s general manager, thought that along with the cost of PV installation decrease rapidly, tacking installation have become the mainstream gradually. Tacking core parts  are optimizing and upgrading, problems which impeded owners choosing tracking installation and cost are settled gradually. In the future, tracking industry’s competition will be the competition between core technology and service scope. Recent years, H-fang tightly connect the development tendency of Chinese surface power station, accumulated rich project experience, insisting technological innovation, has led the industry’s development for 20 years. H-fang receives the great country’s craftsman spirit, concentrating on slewing drive industry, to become another “HUAWEI” in the subdivision industry.

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