H-Fang’s J80 slewing drive successfully applied to Huaqiang Zhaoyang Zhangjiakou No. 1 15MW CSP Plant

Great News: Congratulations to Huaqiang Zhaoyang Zhangjiakou No. 1 15MW CSP plant completed and put into trial operation!

The general contractor for the construction of this project is Beijing TeraSolar Photothermal Technologies Co., Ltd. The company has completed the commercialization verification of the solar energy thermal power generation technology system of “Inclined Fresnel + Direct Steam Generation + Concrete Heat Storage”.

As a slewing drive manufacturer who paid attention to the CSP industry earlier, H-Fang has successfully participated in the construction of Ivanpah, the world’s largest tower CSP plant, Ashalim ,the world’s tallest tower CSP plant and the Delingha 50MW tower CSP plant. Totally supplied over 200,000 slewing drives . At the same time, H-fang also participated in many CSP projects in China, including Solar Tower, Parabolic Trough and Fresnel .

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