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H-Fang delivers cutting-edge precision motion control technology solutions for multi-industry applications. We exceed customer expectations with our customer support, detailed engineering, lean manufacturing, lead times, and quality assurance.

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We service over 3,000 customers in 28 markets globally, where the Cone Drive and H-Fang brand value continues to exceed customer expectations.

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Although H-Fang’s products are rarely implemented into the Automotive industry’s passenger vehicles, they are frequently utilized behind the scenes in factory production areas and commonly aid in production tasks. H-Fang provides custom solutions for conveyors, welding positioners, lifts, manufacturing robots, and many other processes.


Winders, wrappers, semiconductor wafer manufacturing and processing, and radio antenna actuation and positioning are just a few of the applications that H-Fang serves in the Electrical industry, with additional growth planned due to the onset of advanced double-enveloping worm gearing manufacturing techniques.

Satellite Communication Positioning

H-Fang’s ability to support the development of custom and special machinery is enabled by our unique technical aptitude, coupled with our ability to clearly understand the requirements of the customer. Both standard and custom product solutions support the Satellite Communication industry in a multitude of applications.

Special Vehicle

Truck Crane and Aerial Work Platforms that feature H-Fang solutions often interface with Special Vehicles, such as fire engines, utility trucks, and an array of other special equipment. H-Fang offers a range of both standard and custom solutions to suit an array of Special Vehicles.

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