H-fang’s newest technology, announcements, and other relevant precision motion control news.

  1. Global PV tracking market broke out, H-FANG shipments in the first quarter exceeded GW

    In late spring and early summer, benefiting from the rapiddevelopment of photovoltaic tracking station at home and abroad,in 2018,H-FANG shipments in the firstquarter exceeded GW, creating new milestones. With years of effort in this field, H-FANG have accumulated awealth of experience, project footprints all over the world, H-FANG branddeveloped steadily, has been the world’s leading…

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  2. This Flower selected by the NATO Special Forces “Sun Flower” Actually has a “Chinese heart”!

    Recently, a gorgeous “sun flower” which can generate electricity has amazed the global science and technology community. This solar power system, developed by a European solar company, draws inspiration from the phototaxis of sunflowers, designs the solar power system into a petal shape to achieve automatic electricity generation for the whole day.

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