Accudrive Series P Type S

Precision planetary gearhead.

The Accudrive Series P Type S high-precision inline planetary servo drive will satisfy your most demanding automation applications. The compactly-designed, universal housing with precision bearings and precision planetary gearing provides a mid-range torque density while offering precise positioning performance. The Series P Type S offers exact ratios from 3:1 through 10:1 in a single stage, and up to 100:1 in two stages, with high efficiency and low backlash.

Key Features
  • Sizes: 60, 90, 115, 140, 180 and 220
  • Output Torque: Up to 1,500 Nm (13,275
  • Gear Ratios: Up to 100:1 in two stages
  • Input Options: Fits any servo motor
  • Output Options: Output with or without keyway

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Cone Drive's lab includes capability to run a wide variety of tests including load testing for evaluating reducer performance and operating efficiency.
  • Test + Control
    • 6 product testing stands
    • Servo cyclic control
    • Simulated inertial loading
    • Constant torque/load
    • Durability/validation
    • Accelerated life test
    • Lubricant evaluation
    • Static loading & stiffness
  • Product Measurement
    • Displacement & motion
    • Torque
    • Thermal
    • Efficiency
    • Vibration
    • Basic noise
    • Transmission accuracy

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