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H-Fang Brand Slew Bearing

H-Fang offers versatile bearing solutions featuring external, internal, and absent teeth options equipped to suit every slewing application.

Product Specifications
  • Several material options with design flexibility and customization options
  • 4-point contact bearings
  • Crossed roller bearings
  • Eight-point contact bearings
  • Three-row roller bearings
  • 28 distinct sizes, up to 39” bearing diameter
  • Standard sealing and grease fill

Cone Drive’s slewing drives employ precision motion technology that provides a large ratio in a single stage of gearing. The bearing and gears are assembled into a low profile, self-retaining, and ready-to-install housing optimized for weight versus performance. These highly-adaptable products also feature strong shock resistance, long life performance, smooth rotation, bearing protection, and sealed drive options.

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H-fang shares test equipment with Cone Drive. The lab includes capability to run a wide variety of tests including load testing for evaluating reducer performance and operating efficiency.
  • Test + Control
    • 6 product testing stands
    • Servo cyclic control
    • Simulated inertial loading
    • Constant torque/load
    • Durability/validation
    • Accelerated life test
    • Lubricant evaluation
    • Static loading & stiffness
  • Product Measurement
    • Displacement & motion
    • Torque
    • Thermal
    • Efficiency
    • Vibration
    • Basic noise
    • Transmission accuracy

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